Advice to Brides!


Advice to Brides!

The big day comes and goes. It was magical, perfect, and you felt like the most beautiful bride in the dress. You have hundreds of photos and can’t wait to start your life with your new spouse.


But what about your dress?


You can have it cleaned and store it in a dress bag in the back of your closet where it will gather dust and take up space or….you can have it professionally preserved!


The benefits of having your dress professionally preserved are countless. When you opt to get your dress preserved, it gets cleaned and mended where needed and put in a protective case that is guaranteed to last up to 100 years!

However, BE CAREFUL with preservation! We recently had a bride bring her dress to us AFTER she had gotten her dress preserved through an irreputable company. It came to us uncleaned, unmended, and essentially non-preserved. Thankfully, we were able to take the dress and properly preserve it, but if she hadn’t taken a look, who knows how damaged the dress would have been before the subpar job was discovered.



As always, we only recommend quality services for your wedding day and all the details that go along with it. Make sure your dress gets a little love after its hard work on your wedding day! Call us with any questions!


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