How much do you really know about wedding gown colors?


How much do you really know about wedding gown colors?

Here comes the bride…all dressed in white…

…or is she?

White. Off-white. Ivory. Oyster. Eggshell. Nude. Champagne. Blush. Gold. Silver.

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     There are so many variations of the traditional “white” wedding gown that it can become confusing and overwhelming to a bride who may be looking at wedding gowns for the first time. Or the second time. Or the fifth time. Hey, we’re not judging! Indecision is a bride’s prerogative.
     We want your shopping experience to be as seamless and easy as possible because this should be the fun part! What many brides don’t initially realize when they begin their shopping is that a white wedding dress that is categorized as the color white is, well, very white. Most of the “white” wedding gowns you see in photos or online are actually “ivory” in color. Dresses tend to photograph lighter than they appear in person, so an ivory dress will look white in photos, while a white dress can look too bright and potentially wash-out the bride.
     Now, don’t get us wrong, white can definitely be the perfect color for you! For example, in San Diego we help find dresses for many military weddings in which the groom may wear his dress whites for the ceremony. If a bride has an ivory gown, it can look off-color next to the stark whites of the military dress uniform. In this case, a white gown would be ideal. A bright white dress and bright white dress whites? That is a match made in fabric heaven.

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     On the other hand, a little dash of color in a wedding gown never hurts! What are the right conditions for using color? Well, anytime you like because it’s your wedding, darling. However, we do have a couple of recommendations based off what we have seen in the past.
     For example, when a dress is designed with a lace overlay, it often looks nice when the lace and the under layer of fabric are different colors. This allows the lace to have the chance to stand out and be noticed a bit more. Lace is always beautiful and bridal, but the difference between ivory lace on an ivory gown and ivory lace on a champagne gown can make or break the dress for some brides.
     Beading is the same way! A dress might have clear or white beading and over an ivory dress, the details could get lost. Over a nude or blush lining, though? Spectacular!

Photo Credit: (Ivory/Ivory) Weddingbee
Photo Credit: (Ivory/Champagne) Casablanca

A few extra things to keep in mind:
   – Not all ivory dresses are created equally! One designer’s “ivory” might not exactly match another designer’s “ivory”, even if they are both called “ivory”. (How many times is too many times to use the word “ivory” in a sentence? Asking for a friend.) When trying on gowns, you might try on two dresses by different designers that are a few shades different, but are both classified as the same color. That’s okay! As we mentioned before, dresses photograph lighter than they appear to the naked eye, so a few shades darker or lighter won’t make much of a difference when you’re looking back at all those gorgeous photos.
   – Certain colors and shades will compliment different skin tones. If you have a darker skin tone, an ivory dress would contrast beautifully. The opposite can be true, also; if you have a paler complexion, a champagne-colored dress could stand out wonderfully.
   – Don’t be afraid of actual color. Black, pink, blue, red…wedding gowns don’t have to be white! “But it’s traditional!” you’ll say, but fun fact…it isn’t. White wedding gowns began as a trend (but that’s a blog for another time)! If you love a blush pink gown or an ice blue one, try it! Embrace whatever it is that makes you feel like a bride, whatever color that may end up being.
   – Any dress you try on in color, comes in white and ivory. If you see a dress in a color and love the style, try it on! If you want a white or ivory dress, we can still make that happen, regardless of the color of the gown you try on in the store. Any dress you see in a champagne, blush, or other color will always come in ivory. Worry not!

     No matter what, ladies, remember that this is all just advice and suggestions. You should wear what you want on your wedding day because it is your wedding day. You should feel fierce and gorgeous and unstoppable in whatever you choose. There is no right or wrong if you feel good in what you’re wearing and we are happy to help you find that special dress, even if it is a rainbow of colors.

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