Balancing the Wedding and Holidays


Balancing the Wedding and Holidays


The holidays alone can be a demanding time of year with gift shopping and decorating, and family bonding taking up your days, but throw in the added stress of simultaneously planning a wedding and it can almost be too much to handle.

However, there are plenty of ways to combat this holiday wedding stress! Checking big-ticket items off your list of bridal to-dos is one great way of doing that. Finding your photographer, booking your venue, deciding on the music, and what we think is the most important task of them all…finding your perfect wedding gown!

Wedding gown shopping is a wonderful way to spend a little quality time with your closest friends and family during the holidays. Share in that special moment of finding THE dress while everyone is feeling extra jolly (maybe due to the champagne, which is welcome and encouraged in our store!). Plus, our store is pretty adorably decorated, so what might start out as a daunting task will quickly meld into a festive gathering of friends, family, and fun.

And since we don’t get any snow in San Diego, we can dream of a white Christmas while surrounded by *white dresses!

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*see blog about how “white” dresses aren’t actually white


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